The Secret

Have you ever noticed that most trading product vendors and financial education firms are trying to sell you “secrets”? They do this for one reason: an obsession with secrets sells.

This is good marketing, but it’s bad for you. Successful traders know that there are no great, hidden secrets in trading. If there is a secret, that’s it: there are no secrets!

Your search for the Holy Grail will never be over until you realize that trading is not about learning patterns, “setups”, or secret systems.

Success in trading only comes when all the parts are working together. Solid, enduring success as a trader only happens when trading is a part of who you are – a part of your life.

There are no secrets in trading – except for the open secret that trading is a skill.

This is why we created MarketLife.

Success is not about indicators, methods, or even “screen time”. Real success follows when you experience a transformation — when you become a trader.

Our job is about helping you fast-track that journey and reducing the pain along the way. We do this by eliminating the information asymmetry that exists between professionals and retail traders. We give you the information you need and help you protect yourself while you grow.

We have trained traders for more than a decade – prop and bank traders, hedge fund managers, wealth managers and more. We have advised over 200 pro shops – and continue to advise them today. We know they are not different from anyone else, but their results are wildy different. The only reason? There is a paradigm gap. They understand markets and the task of trading differently than you do.

Professionals are trained differently and trained right—they are not looking at or looking for the same things that you are. They see the market as an unfolding story and know that the answers to trading don’t come from squiggly lines crossing on a chart.

If you’re done searching for quick fixes or a money-printing machine, you’ve come to the right place.

If you want access to reliable information in a sea of misinformation, a game-changing understanding of how prices really move, evidence-based edges, and pro methods of improving trader psychology and managing risk, you have come to the right place.

We will eliminate that information asymmetry for you. We will help you close the paradigm gap and think and trade like a pro.

But don’t take our word for it. Join the tribe risk-free. Start by sampling our FREE membership which remains free forever with no strings – and find out for yourself.