Does any of this describe you?

  • Jumping from strategy to strategy?
  • Don’t know where to start?
  • Suffering from FOMO, chasing or revenge trading?
  • Unable to go live or pull triggers?
  • Can’t find the missing link(s)?
  • Suffering from freezing, indecision, or gambling?
  • Depleting accounts and reloading?
  • Discouraged or intimidated?
  • Trading unprepared against the prepared?

Why are we doing this?

Let me tell you a few short stories. When I (Adam) was finishing my first book, I had a friend who spent $20,000 to attend some trading education classes. That was money he didn’t exactly have lying around to spend—his family made sacrifices so he could spend that money. When we talked about what he had learned, I was dismayed to see that he’d actually been taught nothing outside of one of the standard “textbooks” of trading—education he could have gotten for $49.95.

I had another friend who was just out of college and trying to figure out his future. He was fortunate to have a job he could work from home (though he lived in a part of the country without public transit!) After several slick and forceful sales calls from a trading education company, he made the decision to sell his car to fund a trading course. I won’t bore you with the details, but I will tell you that he regretted his decision, considered the course a complete waste, and soon let his dream of trading die.

In my time in the business, I’ve also had insight into the education offerings that many firms charge for and, frankly, I’ve been appalled. There’s an industry centered around charging people for boilerplate knowledge that is already freely available. A little personality, a little marketing glitz, and people open their wallets to fork over thousands of dollars in exchange for dreams and empty promises.

Now, I place a supreme value on education. I have paid a lot of money for my own education in various fields (in some cases hundreds of dollars an hour for years, just to work with masters at the top of their fields), and I’ve also been paid well as a teacher.

But I felt that much of the trading “education” industry was abusive, exploitive, and I wanted to make a difference.

So, in 2013 I wrote the first version of the massive, free trading course and put it online with the pledge that it would always be free. This course underwent a major revision a few years ago, and today lives as part of the completely FREE MarketLife membership.

This FREE offer is not another flimsy 20 page e-book, or the same cut and paste video crap you can find anywhere else. It is a doorway to a professional trading education that includes both practical application and academic rigor. In fact, the material is so solid that a European university has used some of our material in their coursework!

This course is about transformation—about giving you the knowledge and skills you need to grow into the trader you could be.

So why are we giving this away for free?

First, because we understand how hard it can be to get started in this business. Tom and I both started as small, retail traders with small accounts. Since then, we’ve been all over the place, working for, as, and with prop firms, hedge funds, quant firms, and large, institutional shops—and, eventually, advisors and trainers to all of the above. But we have not forgotten where we started.

This is part of our commitment to give back, and we have a real passion to help developing traders all over the world.

Second, there’s so much bad information out there, and we’re excited to make a difference here. The course will allow you to verify everything yourself—you don’t have to trust blindly or believe.

The third reason the course is free is that I said it always would be. Yes, we probably left a lot of money on the table and could have built a business around this training course. Perhaps I overstepped in a moment of passion when I announced to the world it would always be free as a gift to the trading community… but I said it, and when I say I’m going to do something, I do it.

Anyone can talk about having a passion; this is us putting our money where our mouth is.

We are excited to offer this gem to you. We are excited to pay it forward, in honor and gratitude for every mentor and fellow trader who helped us along the way. We are excited to do our part to help you be the best you can be.

We know that some of you may not be trading yet, and you might not be certain about where and how trading fits into your life. We also know that our paid offers are very fairly priced and offer exceptional value for the cost, but some of you may not be able to afford them right now, at this stage in your journey.

If so, we welcome you to the course and to our MarketLife FREE subscription. Enjoy the subscription. Learn. Grow. And pass the word!

What do I get with the FREE Membership?

  1. A one-of-a-kind trading course with 22+ hours of video, hundreds of pages of PDF exercises, and a battle-tested approach to technical trading that has been used to advise over 200 pro shops in more than a decade. Thousands of dollars are routinely charged elsewhere for (much) lesser courses.
    • Gain a solid understanding of probabilities – the important “numbers stuff” that makes trading work. Learn evidence-based technical analysis, price action, market structure and risk management.
    • Learn how to create a trading plan, how to manage your emotions while trading, and how it all works together.
    • The course has already guided over 20,000 traders along their journey — everyone from rank beginners to experienced professionals. This unique resource was created to combat some of the abuses in the “trading education” industry – and with one core idea in mind: to deliver tremendous value to the developing trader at no cost.
  2. Regular brief videos with effective market analysis and concrete trading ideas – more substance and actionable information than most premium videos sold today – plus continuity of narrative and hard-hitting trading lessons.
  3. Limited access to proprietary tools and screens that will show you how the market is moving and help generate trading ideas.
  4. Limited access to unique apps that deliver directional bias and sometimes outright signals.
  5. Access to a forum where you can meet a group of like-minded traders and start building your trading tribe.

Good fit for:

  • Novice traders
  • Beginners not yet committed to trading
  • Developing traders
  • Traders unsure about their asset class of choice
  • Directional traders
  • Students not yet in the work force

Give yourself the gift of clarity and confidence

There are no secrets in trading. If you understand that trading is a skill, you understand that clarity and confidence come naturally as you develop that skill. Look over our shoulders and end the confusion, intimidation and frustration. Consider the opportunity cost of missed trades, lost income, lost compounding, and lost years – and the reality of psychological and account damage. Join us and access pro training, tools, methods and guidance at a cost that has never been offered before.