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Every day, get our insights and trade ideas and put them to work for you. See the power of solid directional calls on stocks, combined with a big picture read of the overall market, and put in context of solid risk management. Understand how options and leverage, used responsibly, can unlock new levels of profitablilty.

  • Daily market review video with stock coverage.
  • Curated list of stock trade setups.
  • Proprietary stock setup scanner.
  • Intra-day stock scans.
  • Daily and weekly timeframe powerlevels.


Get institutional-grade market calls and analysis put to work for you. Go beyond the usual world of signals and bots and follow a proven, professional methodology. Swing trading in major currencies and futures with solid price action, market structure, and quantifiable edges. Trade actively with any account size.

  • Daily market review video with forex/futures/crypto coverage.
  • Curated list of forex and futures trade setups.
  • Intra-day forex scans.
  • Daily and weekly timeframe powerlevels.


Don't waste money on get rich quick trading courses. MarketLife gives you the training and knowledge you need. Approachable and deep. Learn what you need to know and why you need to know it. Luck is not enough and a solid foundation of knowledge is required for long term success in trading.

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MarketLife offers a free 33 video trading course: First Steps in Trading. Do a deep dive or make your own curriculum. Learn how to setup your charts, basic trading strategies, price action patterns, developing your plan, time-frame choices, trading psychology and more! Professional quality content for free!

  • First Steps in Trading course
  • The Art and Science of Trading course
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