First Steps In Trading

Everything you need to know before placing your first trade.

  • Six chapters with 30+ video lessons to begin your trading journey.
  • Learn why understanding risk is key to successful trading.
  • Know when you're ready to pull the trigger on your first live trade.
  • Learn what tools are relevant to trading success.
  • Begin to find your own trading edge!

This course is our 'start from scratch' introduction to trading. Designed to take a trader from the beginning stages to developing your own, unique, approach to trading. This 33 video course will give you tools you need to move toward consistent profitability. Understand the truth behind a trading edge, psychology, where to focus your time and attention. This course covers both the theory behind trading techniques, including a look at nine specific techniques that may find a place in your trading regime.

Course Chapters & Lessons

The Trading Journey

  • Welcome
  • What Trading Can Do For You
  • What Trading Is Not
  • What No One Will Tell You


  • Why focus on risk?
  • Risks of trading
  • Intro to R
  • Understanding gains in R
  • Position Sizing

Adventure Begins

  • Adventure begins
  • How markets work
  • Edge
  • Developing your system
  • How much money?

Tools of the Trade

  • Setting up charts
  • Indicators 1
  • Indicators 2
  • Indicators 3
  • Order Types
  • Which order to use

How Traders Find an Edge

  • Finding an edge
  • Back & Forward testing
  • More on forward testing
  • From theory to real money
  • Trading Plan

Little Book of Edges

  • A little catalog of edges
  • Fundamental analysis
  • Technical patterns 101
  • Technical Patterns 102
  • Classical chart patterns
  • MA crosses
  • Donichian Channels
  • Big Moves
First steps screen

How is this course different from the free 'The Art and Science of Trading'?

This course is truly a "first steps" into trading approach. It assumes no prior knowledge of trading or markets. It focuses on practical application and only as much theory is taught as is needed. The free course contains a lot of information that may be overwhelming for newer traders. It can be demanding on the student and not everyone is ready for such a deep dive. Parts of the free course must be absorbed over days, even weeks to fully understand with accompanying exercises. This 'First Steps' course is designed to give you a quick foundation for all further ongoing learning.