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Adam Grimes

Adam Grimes has been trading professionally since the mid 1990s. Over his career, he has traded every liquid asset class available to U.S. traders, across a wide range of timeframes and styles. He has traded for his own account; for institutions, hedge funds, and prop firms; and at the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX). Adam’s approach is unusual: for much of his career he was a discretionary trader, but within a strongly quantitative, evidence-based background. Adam now focuses on combinations of systematic and discretionary approaches.

Adam has worked as an advisor to top hedge funds and institutional traders, and has extensive work training and coaching traders in prop firms and individual settings. Adam is also a prolific author, writing extensively at his blog He is the author of two books, including The Art & Science of Technical Analysis: Market Structure, Price Action, & Trading Strategies (Wiley 2012), which is widely acclaimed as the definitive book on technical trading. He is much in demand as a speaker and lecturer on topics relating to trading, risk management, and trader development.

Adam has also worked extensively as a clinical hypnotherapist, with a strong focus on NLP-derived modalities and Jungian psychology. His experience in facilitating change extends beyond his work training traders.

In addition to his love of financial markets, Adam is an avid cook and baker, having trained professionally with one of the country’s top French chefs, as well as an accomplished musician. His “first career” was as a professional classical musician and he currently composes concert music for a wide range of ensembles and voices.

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Tom Hansbury

Programmer and trader. Met Adam on trading desk in NYC. Doesn't know how to write his own bio.