Trading isn’t about what you know, but the more you know, and the sooner you know it, the better off you are!

Get solid guidance for every trading day, before the market opens. Skip over the news, and get to what really matters.

Discover the one addition to your trading that can make all the difference.

  • Overwhelmed by information overload?
  • Suffering from FOMO, freezing, indecision or chasing?
  • Trading unprepared against the prepared?
  • Ambushed by gaps and large moves?
  • Uninformed about overnight and intermarket action?
  • Not understanding odds of setups working on a given day?
  • Trying to trade without market context and narrative?
  • Sticking with an opinion or bias until it’s too late?
  • Doing the right things on the wrong day?

Do you want to be prepared like every consistently profitable trader?

  • A good premarket analysis is an indispensable part of any professional trader’s daily routine.
  • Recognize opportunity early and be aware of levels that are unseen by most market participants.
  • Know when to press hard and when to lay back or step aside.
  • Have a framework and scenarios that cover the most likely bases – so you have a concrete plan for whatever happens and are never “ambushed”.
  • Understand overnight action and its influence on the tone and tenor of the day.
  • Be aware of intermarket correlations and when they are likely to hold vs. break.
  • Stop fighting the market. Permanently.

What do I get with Premarket Edge?

  1. A daily concise report – an easy and quick read PDF + web portal.
  2. Distilled information to combat overload – find out what matters most that day.
  3. The same critical levels our hedge fund, prop firm, and institutional clients have relied upon for years.
  4. Clear scenarios for the coming trading day: where to trade, what to expect, and how to get out.
  5. Patterns and directional bias that can help intraday traders decide when and how to trade – and help swing traders know when to pull the trigger.
  6. Evidence-based edges including seasonal and volatility tendencies. Heads-up on quant odds when present.
  7. Potentially market-moving events and releases.

Good fit for:

  • Stock, options & futures traders
  • Swing traders
  • Volatility traders
  • Delta-neutral traders
  • Intraday traders
  • Technical traders
  • Directional traders
  • Active traders
  • Trend & mean reversion traders

Give yourself the gift of clarity and confidence

Fortune favors the prepared. Do not bring a paperclip to a gun fight! Stay on top of your game by knowing the few things that matter most that day before the market opens. Discover the odds of the game you’d be playing if you enter or exit any trade that day – no matter what your timeframe. For most people with a legitimate edge, understanding current market condition and context is the final piece before consistent profits can be realized. Give yourself the gift of the Premarket Edge.



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