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MarketLife is everything you need to build an edge in trading. Trade setups. Market review videos. Intra-day scans. Training courses. Ongoing research.

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Adam's ability to explain things in a clear and simple way has no comparison--simply the best and crystal clear. I would recommend your work to anyone who wants to learn how to trade the markets. I could go on forever praising your work, but there is one word that says it best--it works. Simple as that.

- AJ

...a membership at MarketLife is the best trading service you can have. There is just so much value. Adam's daily recap is basically him holding your hand day by day in the market. He has been right more often than not. If you have been following him long enough, you will start to wonder how is he so right so often... It's ridiculous... There is value in his watchlist, scanners, chatroom. Tom's smallcap list is also 1 of my favorites. I actually found some success trading it.

- Nikolay (via MarketLife Discord)

I started trading last year in May and it has been such a powerful, wild, and fun ride. I never thought I could learn so much about myself doing this. I want to thank you for the free Art and Science course. I felt stuck and in a place where I had to invest thousands of dollars to go forward. Now I am learning so many little tweaks. I am learning more and more and the homework is fun and super helpful...

- Tommaso

Although you don't post videos driving exotic cars and traveling the world, I'm confident that your contributions to the trading community far exceed those of others and will stand the test of time.

- Ayden Ferrier

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How do we help you get results?

Trade setups with a proven edge.

Don't waste time wondering if what you're trading has an edge. We have published over 1,000 trade ideas for our institutional clients going back to 2010 and never had a losing year. Now we bring that same trading methodology to you publishing real-time stock and forex trades. Tilt the odds in your favor.

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Daily market insight.

Don't just try and replicate other traders results. Learn how to think about markets. Daily review videos covering current market conditions and all major markets, stocks, forex. Think like an experienced trader.

Remove noise from your trading and focus on what works.

Do you understand the tools you are using to trade? We have tested all major technical indicators for significance. This saves you time and money. Use our custom dashboard and scans to keep on top of intra-day movements and stocks that meet your trading criteria.

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Training and education.

Don't spend thousands learning trading strategies that don't work. Start with our FREE 'First Steps in Trading' and 'The Art and Science of Trading' courses. This is professional quality training. Lose the FOMO of lottery style trading and build a system with confidence.

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MarketLife Discord

Don't trade alone! Engage with some of the most dedicated traders from around the world. Ask questions. Help others. Grow and profit with one of the smartest and most thoughtful trading communities online.

TradeRoom Q&A

We've pulled apart, tested, and have the stats for "out of the box" uses of all major indicators. What works as advertised and what doesn't? Do moving average crosses have any edge? What does the Stochastic Oscillator have to do with stochastics? Should you be using Bollinger Bands or Keltners? Why you should use standard deviation of returns not price. We answer questions like these in our weekly live Q&A sessions.

Power Levels

Powerlevels are real support and resistance levels in markets. They are algorithmically created based on current trading conditions and volatility for each trading period, and provide excellent levels to watch for potential targets or reversals on the daily and weekly timeframes

Which plan is right for you?


Every day, get our insights and trade ideas and put them to work for you. See the power of solid directional calls on stocks, combined with a big picture read of the overall market, and put in context of solid risk management. Understand how options and leverage, used responsibly, can unlock new levels of profitablilty.

  • Daily market review video with stock coverage.
  • Curated list of stock trade setups.
  • Proprietary stock setup scanner.
  • Intra-day stock scans.
  • Daily and weekly timeframe powerlevels.


Get institutional-grade market calls and analysis put to work for you. Go beyond the usual world of signals and bots and follow a proven, professional methodology. Swing trading in major currencies and futures with solid price action, market structure, and quantifiable edges. Trade actively with any account size.

  • Daily market review video with forex/futures/crypto coverage.
  • Curated list of forex and futures trade setups.
  • Intra-day forex scans.
  • Daily and weekly timeframe powerlevels.


Don't waste money on get rich quick trading courses. MarketLife gives you the training and knowledge you need. Approachable and deep. Learn what you need to know and why you need to know it. Luck is not enough and a solid foundation of knowledge is required for long term success in trading.

  • TradeCraft
  • Options Trading
  • Pullbacks Masterclass


MarketLife offers a free 33 video trading course: First Steps in Trading. Do a deep dive or make your own curriculum. Learn how to setup your charts, basic trading strategies, price action patterns, developing your plan, time-frame choices, trading psychology and more! Professional quality content for free!

  • First Steps in Trading course
  • The Art and Science of Trading course
  • Access to the MarketLife Discord

You'll see improvement in your performance and the way you approach markets for just $7 and no commitment.

Don't pay a large sum of money to someone claiming to know trading "secrets". We've been in the business of trading for over 20 years working for and advising hedge funds, wealth managers, prop firms, commodities exchanges, etc. We didn't just get lucky buying options on meme stocks. Our trading research has outperformed the market every year we've published since 2014.

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